Solo Trip to Vienna, Austria

TWT Trip Breakdown

Trip Length:

3 Nights

Trip Type (based on flights and accommodation):



Flights – £126

Accommodation – £87 in total (£29 per night)

Spending money – £200

Total Cost:


For years I’d talked about travelling to another country on my own. I’d gone away on work trips and flown to other countries by myself but there was always a colleague, friend or family waiting for me on the other side. I figured the procrastination needed to come to an end so I decided to take my first solo trip in July and it went better than I could’ve ever imagined.

When it came to choosing what country I wanted to visit I decided that it needed to tick several boxes;

  • Is it safe for a solo female traveller?
  • Is it safe for a solo black female traveller?
  • Is it within my budget?
  • Will I have amazing weather?
  • Is it a country/city I’ve never been to before?
  • Will I be able to see enough sights on a long weekend break?

After narrowing down my options, I eventually decided on Vienna – a picturesque city rich with culture that would be perfect for a quick solo holiday.

Vienna is insanely pretty and so aesthetically pleasing. I spent 3 nights there and couldn’t get over how some of the places I visited looked like they belonged in a fairy-tale.


I decided to ditch the luxury of staying in a hotel and booked a hostel as I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet people. I knew there would be a better chance of that happening if I stayed in one.

After some research I picked Wombat City Hostel – Naschmarkt as it had great reviews and was located just 10 mins away from the city centre. I chose to stay in a 4 bed female only dormitory as it was my first time in a hostel alone and feeling safe and comfortable was a priority. Upon checking in I was given a free drinks voucher to use in the hostel bar during my stay there which I thought was a really nice touch. There was also a cosy common area with cushions and pillows which was open 24/7 for people to chill or mingle in.

Wombats City Hostel – Naschmarkt


On my first day I spent almost 7 hours sightseeing. 7 hours. The weather was popping and there was so much I wanted to see so I did the absolute most.

It’s very easy to get around the city, I mostly walked but when I needed to I also used the metro which was pretty easy to use.

Here’s some of the places I visited;

Hofburg Palace
Schönbrunn Palace
Panoramic of the Botanic Schönbrunn Garden
St Stephen’s Cathedral
Vienna State Opera
Innere Stadt

Strandbar Herrmann – this was a man-made beach bar by the Danube Canal. I was in Vienna during the World Cup Final so there was an open air cinema screening the match. I came here with my lovely roommates to watch it and the atmosphere was amazing!

Strandbar Herrmann


When I visit another country I make it a habit to try some of their national dishes and delicacies.

On one of my days out I had wiener schnitzel at the Hofburg Cafe. It’s a thin cut of veal that’s breaded and pan fried and is typically served with cold potato salad which is what I had it with.

Wiener schnitzel at Hofburg Cafe

Another must try is Sacher Torte – chocolate sponge cake layered with apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing. If you want to try this then you’ve got to have it at Cafe Sacher which is located within the famous Hotel Sacher. It uses the original recipe so if you want that authenticity it’s the go to place. The interior decor is gorgeous as well.

Sacher Torte

When I go on holiday I’m able to forget about any worries or things that may be stressing me out back home and completely switch off. This trip was so refreshing for me because I was able to do just that and be alone with my thoughts. I didn’t have to rely on anyone and could create my itinerary based on the things I wanted to do. One of my fears was that I would feel lonely but I didn’t have this issue at all. I ended up making friends with the girls in my dorm and we spent one of our days out together! When I was by myself, I embraced the alone time and made the most of it by staying proactive.

My lovely roommates!

One of my fears about going away alone as a black woman is the possibility of experiencing some hostility, especially in countries that have a tiny percentage or even no black people. In Vienna, apart from men yelling ‘schokolade’ (German word for ‘chocolate’) every 2 minutes when I was in Naschmarkt and the odd stare here and there, everyone that I came into contact with was friendly and welcoming.

As a whole, travelling solo was a really enjoyable experience for me and I will definitely be doing it a lot more.

Peace, love and flights.

Tolu x

2 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Vienna, Austria

  1. Totally recommend solo travel. Like you I had reservations, being a black woman, etc. But discovered it wasn’t so bad, after 2 solo mini breaks I decided to go for a proper solo holiday to Malta and absolutely loved it!

    Guess what? I’m going solo again this year, I just love the freedom, no one getting on my nerves; going somewhere I don’t want to, just to please others, etc.

    Happy travelling.


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