Tales of a Traveller Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode with my friend Ibby Omotosho, creator of the podcast show ‘Tales of a Traveller‘. His show consists of him sharing his experiences and interesting stories from his travel adventures around the world and he also invites special guests on to share their experiences too. Ibby’s been fortunate enough to visit almost 40 countries so it’s worth having a listen and picking up some travel tips as he knows what he’s talking about!

We met at an event last year hosted by ‘Black British Travel Meet Up‘ (BBTMU), a community for like-minded individuals to meet, network and share their love for travel.

On this episode we touched on a lot of topics, from what it’s like to travel as a black female, being called one of the Obamas in Morocco as well as my first solo travel experience!

Click on one of the below links to have a listen:

Apple Podcast App



Make sure you follow ‘Tales of a Traveller’ too!



I hope you enjoy the episode and thank’s in advance for listening 😉

Peace, love and flights.

Tolu x

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