Group Staycation in a Countryside Barn

TWT Trip Breakdown

Trip Length:

3 Nights

Trip Type (based on accommodation):



Accommodation – £41.50

Food/Drinks – £35

Security Deposit – £35

Total Cost:


Staycation: ‘A holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad

One of my closest friends was moving to Toronto and as a send off she decided to have a massive staycation in Doddington, Kent with 27 friends.

We stayed at Great Higham Barn and it was lush. As there were so many of us, some of us had rooms in the main house which was a massive barn and the rest had rooms in an adjoining cottage. We had a huge open plan kitchen, games area, tennis court, dining room, massive garden, outdoor hot tub, swimming pool..the list goes on.

We were right in the middle of the countryside so we were very secluded. This was perfect for us as we could make as much noise as we wanted without being an inconvenience to any neighbours.

The place was also big enough that you could find a space to chill on your own if you needed time to yourself.

So how do you cater for 28 people on a 3 day trip?

Some of the money we paid for food and drink was put towards ingredients for breakfast, BBQs, snacks, drinks and alcohol. The remaining money funded the containers and coolers of Jamaican and Nigerian food that the mums of my friend and another friend cooked for us. By the end of the trip we still had so much food left over that we had to take some of it back home.

Our days were spent making music videos, recording songs, having BBQs, pool parties and even a sports day. Evenings were spent watching Love Island, playing games and having discussions whilst the nights were spent turning up.

There were positive vibes throughout and the trip was a beautiful way to say farewell to an amazing friend.

You can save so much money by having a staycation so why not think of doing one for your next holiday? As you can see they can be heaps of fun especially if you find great accommodation and share the experience with a special group of people.

*You can check out my visual recap of this trip here

And on that note, peace, love and flights.

Tolu x

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